What is TaeKwon-Do...

TaeKwon-Do is a Korean Martial Art that involves mental training and the practising of techniques of self defence purposes. As well as focusing on improving the health of the student. TaeKwon-Do involves the skilled application of kicks, punches, blocks and dodges to the maximum destruction of the moving opponent or opponents.


Tae: Stands for jumping or flying, to kick or smash with the foot

Kwon: Denotes fist, to punch or destroy with the fist

Do: The way of the art

TaeKwon-Do: Is the way of the foot & hand




Mr Lee Hollingsworth...

Lee Hollingsworth

Lee Hollingsworth 6th Degree ITF Black Belt is a fully qualified, CRB checked, Full time professional Instructor with over 25 years of TaeKwon-Do experience. A personal student of Grandmaster Trevor Nicholls 9th Degree Black Belt, Mr Hollingsworth has travelled the world competing in TaeKwon-Do & Professional Kickboxing winning at National and World Championship level.

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